Olio your kitchen buddy -since 1998

About Us

Olio Food stands as a prominent player in the food processing
and distribution sector, specializing in frozen appetizers, snacks,
and nibbles. Our product range encompasses a diverse selection
of top-tier processed vegetables, cheese, chicken, and meat

Established in 1998, Olio Food is unwavering in its dedication
to the development, production, and distribution of high-quality
goods that meet stringent international food standards, offering
unmatched flavor and affordability to its customers while
ensuring a profitable partnership for Branded Retail Outlets

Vision & Mission

At the heart of Olio Foods vision is the aspiration to lead the
food processing industry by catering to consumers desires for
premium-quality products that are not only appetizing but also

Our mission remains steadfast in the pursuit of crafting,
producing, and delivering the highest caliber products that
align with rigorous international food standards. All this, while
maintaining exceptional value in terms of taste and affordability
for our clientele and ensuring the prosperity of the brand